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Mastery International School Riyadh

Mastery International Schools Saudi Arabia is an extension of your home, where your little ones feel loved, inspired, and confident as they take their first steps into the world.


Mastery International has hands-on experience since its launch in 2016, with children.  The bespoke method of learning forms the foundation for the introduction of the EarlyYears pedagogy, to cater to the needs of a cosmopolitan diaspora. It is because of this; we firmly believe that Mastery International is growing to make its name amongst the prominent schools of Riyadh.


Taking forward the legacy of nurturing students, Mastery International School is designed with beautiful play areas, child-friendly equipment, and brightly-coloured learning aids to capture your child’s imagination.


The American Curriculum being taught at Mastery International, is complemented with Kindergarten and Elementary methodologies that focus on a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Children are provided with age appropriate toys, books, learning materials, digital learning and visual cues that lead towards language learning, numeracy and understanding of the world.


Highly qualified teachers and care-givers work together with parents to give children a memorable early childhood experience which enables them to enter formal schooling as confident, curious, and independent learners. Through this collaborative approach, parents feel welcomed, respected, and can participate as valued partners in their child’s learning experiences.

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