In order to support the students at Mastery International Schools, there is a supporting network consisting of a student counsellor and a school nurse. Their roles are outlined below:

Role of School Nurse

  • Attends to students with injuries or other conditions requiring medical attention
  • Administers medication whenever required
  • Plans and conducts health education activities in the school
  • Maintains the medical record of every student
  • Plans and assists school doctor in conducting medical examination of all students
  • Regularly checks the school environment to ensure its cleanliness and safety
  • Advises parents to keep students at home during the periods of communicable diseases
  • Updates knowledge, skills and practice as per the school’s policies
  • Do you wish to add any COVID responsibilities?

Role of Student Counsellor

  • Attends to the emotional/social needs of the child
  • Motivates the child to achieve his academic potential
  • Responsible for providing valuable assistance to children to cope up with peer pressure
  • Conducts presentations during recess to encourage teamwork amongst students


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