The Mastery International School has a Governing team comprising of the Owners, the CEO and the Principal with representatives from the teaching, parental and administrative team. The team meets periodically to debate and decide on improvement plans to ensure holistic development in addition to quality teaching and learning, in close consultation, and with input from all team members. It also reviews the implementation and effectiveness of decisions taken, and discusses a variety of ways to enrich and enhance the quality of the learning environment to ensure positive learning in children, an encouraging platform for teachers, and a safe and secure place to assure parents of their child’s well-being.

The main objective of constituting the Governing Board is to:
• Facilitate parent and staff participation
• Involve members of the community in planning the school’s future
• Streamline common policy-making across Mastery Education Investments
• The Governing Council has a clear understanding of all the forces and factors which contribute towards the progress of the school
• The governing board works effectively with all the stakeholders and Ministry of Education

The governing body comprises of:
1. Aisha Shangwani – Chairman – Mastery International School
2. Reem Al-Buenain – Principal – Mastery International School
3. Academic Supervisors (Kindergarten and Grades)
4. Student Counsellor
5. Evolving Education (External contracted education consultants)

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