Welcome to Mastery International School; a garden where children learn through play. As the child takes first steps into the world, we ensure that the first impressions are that of happy experiences and fun memories that can positively shape the child’s mind. The foundation years are the most crucial years for a child and at Mastery International School, we believe that children reach their true potential when they feel safe, secure, and valued as a part of the community.  We create an environment which is deeply focused on nurturing each child; where they will enjoy learning and develop a passion for knowledge.

Our individualized curricula enable us to cater to the varied learning needs of every child, thereby enabling success in all areas of learning; academic, creative and sports.  We recognize and respect each and every child’s gifts and challenges. Their achievements are celebrated, and challenges are viewed as opportunities.

Our team of educators and academic administrators work relentlessly to create an experiential learning environment where creativity is embedded in learners’ routines, vocabulary enrichment and concept learning through projects, and hands-on learning and real-life application. The curricula are further enhanced through our wide range of extra-curricular activities taught by specialist educators. Our learners are inspired to think, explore, experiment, investigate and grow a thinking mind. The power of ‘inquiry’ is the tool to fostering the attitude of knowledge acquisition which will become a habit in the long run.

We strive towards making this learning experience a happy and a successful one, so that each child who passes through Mastery International School will find their learning experience fruitful and enriching.

Let us together make this academic year a memorable one for our students!

Reem Al-Buenain
Principal – Mastery International School

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