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E-Learning Discount

Mastery International School (MIS) was offering all students for the Academic Year 2020-2021 discount on term fees due to the pandemic.

However, after the issuance of the directive from MOE to teach online for 7 weeks, we are offering an add-on of 50% discount to all our students under our motto “Learning Must Continue”.

This discount is applicable only on the fees for 7 weeks.


Grades Term Fee with discount for E-Learning
All prices are mentioned without 15% VAT
VAT is payable by non-Saudi only
Discounted Price for 1st Term Further 50% E-Learning
Nursery 6,500 The discount is applicable only on the 7 weeks of E-Learning and will be continued if the MOE extends the

E-Learning period

( 1- 3)
Grades (1 – 3) 7,650


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