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Mastery International School provides field trips and excursions throughout the academic year for students to learn in a new environment and make real world connections to the knowledge they’ve gained in class. Visits to Zoos, community agencies such as fire stations and science museums are popular field trip sites. Not only do field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, but also connects them to community at large from early years. Concepts of ‘Community Care’ are introduced to the young learners and many of these field trips are supplemented with a range of community services, environment consciousness and conservation of resources.

Field trips give children a welcome break in the routine. Kids can look forward to and prepare for the field trip for several days or weeks. Then, they get to spend the day in a different learning environment and can complete a lesson on the topic covered after the trip is over. Hands-on experience appeals to varied learning styles, helping children to succeed whether they are visual, auditory, naturalist or kinetic learners. A field trip awakens the desire in a child to try new things and pursue previously unconsidered dreams.

Children learn about different professions, ideas and opportunities when they travel outside their known territories. Field trips can introduce children to many opportunities and can spark new interests and passion.

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